Microservice Pipelines
A microservice pipeline is a pipeline that creates a fine-grained service to perform a specific task.
Stages for Microservice Pipelines
Sample Pipeline
Creating a Microservice Pipeline
Data Preview Overview
Preview Codes
Data preview displays different colors for different types of data. Preview also uses other codes and formatting to highlight changed fields.
Input and Output Schema for Stages
After running preview for a pipeline, you can view the input and output schema for each stage on the Schema tab in the pipeline properties panel. The schema includes each field path and data type.
Previewing a Single Stage
Previewing Multiple Stages
You can preview data for a group of linked stages within a pipeline.
Editing Preview Data
You can edit preview data to view how a stage or group of stages processes the changed data. Edit preview data to test for data conditions that might not appear in the preview data set.
Editing Properties
In data preview, you can edit stage properties to see how the changes affect preview data. For example, you might edit the expression in an Expression Evaluator to see how the expression alters data.
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