Environment States

When you view the list of environments in the Environments view, you can view the state of each environment.

Note: Kubernetes environments also list the status of the StreamSets Kubernetes agent launched for the environment.

The following table describes the possible states for an environment:

Environment State Description
Setup Incomplete Environment is not completely configured.

An environment encounters this state when you click Save & Exit or when you navigate away from the creation wizard before finishing the environment configuration.

Activating Control Hub is in the process of activating the environment.

For Control Hub-managed deployments, Control Hub verifies that the configured credentials are valid and that the underlying infrastructure, such as the VPC, exists.

You cannot perform actions on activating environments.

Active Environment is active and ready to have deployments created for it.
Important: A Kubernetes environment must also have an online StreamSets Kubernetes agent before deployments can be created.
Activation Error Control Hub is not able to activate the environment, or the already active environment is critically impaired.

Self-managed environments do not encounter this state. Control Hub-managed environments can encounter this state if resources are directly modified after the environment is created. For example, an AWS environment encounters this state if the credentials become invalid or if the VPC that the environment connects to is deleted.

Control Hub periodically attempts to transition environments in an Activation Error state to an Active state.

Deactivating Control Hub is in the process of deactivating the environment.

You cannot perform actions on deactivating environments.

Deactivated Environment is deactivated and cannot have deployments created for it.
Deactivation Error Control Hub is not able to deactivate the environment.

At this time, no environment types can encounter this state. This state is reserved for future use.