Self-Managed Environments

In a self-managed environment, you take full control of procuring the resources needed to run engines and deploying engine instances to those resources. A self-managed environment can represent local on-premises machines or cloud computing machines.

In a self-managed environment, you must ensure that machines meet the engine installation requirements. You create a self-managed deployment for the environment, and then manually run an installation script to install and launch an engine instance on each machine.

Control Hub provides a default self-managed environment for your organization. The default environment is activated and ready for you to immediately begin creating self-managed deployments. In most cases, you won't need to create additional self-managed environments. You can simply use the default environment for all of your self-managed deployments.

For more information, see Self-Managed Deployments.

Feature Versions

At this time, self-managed environments include the initial SELF_2021_06_01 feature version that includes all available features for self-managed environments and deployments.