Using an HTTP or HTTPS Proxy Server

You can configure each registered Data Collector to use an authenticated HTTP or HTTPS proxy server for outbound requests made to Control Hub. Define the proxy properties in the SDC_JAVA_OPTS environment variable.

See the Data Collector documentation for instructions on modifying environment variables.

Add the following Java options to the SDC_JAVA_OPTS environment variable:

  • https.proxyUser
  • https.proxyPassword
  • https.proxyHost
  • https.proxyPort

If the proxy server uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, use http.<property name> for each property.

For example, to configure a Data Collector to use an HTTPS proxy server on host and port 3138, define SDC_JAVA_OPTS as follows:

export SDC_JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -Xms1024m -Dhttps.proxyUser=MyName -Dhttps.proxyPassword=MyPsswrd -Dhttps.proxyHost= -Dhttps.proxyPort=3138 -server ${SDC_JAVA_OPTS}" 
Note: Oracle JDK disabled HTTP proxy authentication for HTTPS URLs in JDK 8 update 111. If Data Collector runs on a machine with Java 8u111 or later, consider using an HTTPS proxy server. Or as a workaround, consider adding the following Java property to the SDC_JAVA_OPTS environment variable, setting the property to an empty string:

However, use this workaround with caution since it exposes credentials by sending them through an unencrypted proxy.