Deactivating a Registered Data Collector

Deactivate a registered Data Collector when you want to temporarily prevent users from using that Data Collector.

When you deactivate a Data Collector, Control Hub deactivates the authentication token for the Data Collector. Shut down the Data Collector before you deactivate it. You cannot start a deactivated Data Collector.

  1. In Control Hub, stop all jobs running on the Data Collector.
  2. Log in to the Data Collector, and shut it down.
  3. Log in to Control Hub, and click Administration > Data Collectors in the Navigation panel.
  4. Select a registered Data Collector to display its details.
  5. Click Deactivate.
    The Data Collector Administration view uses a gray Data Collector icon for deactivated Data Collectors, as follows:

  6. To activate the Data Collector again, view the Data Collector details in Control Hub and click Activate. Then, start the Data Collector.