Apply Functions

The Apply Functions processor applies a Snowflake function to all column names that match a regular expression. When you configure the processor, you specify the columns to apply the function to, the function to apply and related details, and the output columns for the results.

You can use this processor to apply the following types of functions:
  • Date and Time - Manipulates datetime data, such as extracting part of the date or converting the time zone.
  • Numeric - Manipulates numbers, such as finding the cosine or square root of a number.
  • String - Manipulates strings, such as trimming trailing characters or converting case.
  • User-defined functions - Manipulates data based on a custom function.

For details about date and time, numeric, and string functions, see the Snowflake documentation.

When configuring output columns, you can specify a single column name or a regular expression that defines a set of columns. In expressions, you can use $0 as a variable that represents the original column names. This allows you to specify additional characters as a prefix or suffix for the original column names. For example, to use customer_ as a prefix for all existing column names, enter customer_$0.

If you do not specify an output column, the Apply Functions processor overwrites the data in the existing columns.