General Issues

I keep getting the following connection error:
SNOWFLAKE_OOO - Error while connecting to Snowflake. net.Snowflake.Client.jdbc.SnowflakeSQLException: 
IP <ip address> is not allowed to access Snowflake. Contact your local security administrator.
This error can occur when your Snowflake account uses network policies and you haven't configured one to allow Control Hub to communicate with your Snowflake account. It can also occur when a new Control Hub IP address needs to be added to an existing network policy.
For more information, see Snowflake Requirement for Network Policies.
My job run or pipeline preview fails with an error stating that the user name or password is incorrect
The Snowflake credentials defined in your StreamSets account are no longer valid. Perhaps your Snowflake password has changed?
Update your Snowflake credentials, then try the operation again. You can update Snowflake credentials in your StreamSets account or when you configure a pipeline.
Data preview starts, but generates no data. The origin has the following stage error:
TRANSFORMER_01 - Origin 'Operator: [Type: class com.streamsets.transformer.snowpark.origin.snowflake.table.TableOrigin id: <origin name>]' failed to while trying to produce data for following offsets: 'SQL compilation error: Object '<Snowflake table name>' does not exist or not authorized.'. Origin = [null, Offset = [Start: null End: null Generated Timestamp: <timestamp>]
The specified origin is configured to read a table that does not exist. Verify the correct name of the Snowflake table and update the table name in the origin accordingly.
In the pipeline canvas, the preview () icon is disabled
By default, data preview is enabled for a new organization. However it can be disabled in several ways.
When data preview is enabled for an organization and the icon is not available, the pipeline might not be complete. For tips on previewing a pipeline, see the Control Hub documentation.
We enabled/disabled data preview for the organization, but the change doesn't seem to have taken effect
When you enable or disable data preview using the organization property, it can take a few minutes for the change to take effect.
Also, due to browser caching, users in active sessions might not see the change until they log out and log in again, or until they refresh the page when working with a pipeline.