Explore your Snowflake Account

As you build a pipeline, you can explore your Snowflake account to select the following types of Snowflake elements that you want to connect to or process:
  • Roles
  • Warehouses
  • Databases
  • Schemas
  • Tables and views
  • Columns
  • Snowflake notification integration
Before you can explore your Snowflake account, you must complete the following tasks in Control Hub:
When you explore your Snowflake account, Control Hub displays all Snowflake elements that your Snowflake credentials grant you access to. You can browse or search for the element that you want to use.
Note: Control Hub must pre-load the Snowflake metadata before you can search for elements by name. Pre-loading the metadata can take some time depending on the size of your Snowflake warehouse. Pre-loading the metadata does not impact the ability to manually navigate through the Snowflake elements.

For example, to define the table that the Snowflake Table origin connects to, click the Select Table icon () in the Table tab. Control Hub displays a dialog box listing all of the tables that you have access to within the Snowflake warehouse, database, and schema configured for the pipeline. You then browse or search for the table, as follows: