Engine Advanced Configuration

A deployment defines the advanced configuration properties for the engine. As you get started with StreamSets, the default values should work in most cases.

The available configuration properties depend on the selected engine type and version.

Note: You can define engine configuration properties for a deployed Transformer for Snowflake engine. You do not define configuration properties for the Transformer for Snowflake engine hosted by StreamSets.
To modify advanced configuration properties for the engine, edit the deployment. In the Configure Engine step, click Advanced Configuration.
Note: When you edit a cloned deployment that uses a later engine version than the original deployment, you can select Show Diff to display the engine configuration differences between the original and cloned deployment.
You can modify the following types of configuration properties for the engine:
Configuration Type Description
Data Collector, Transformer, or Transformer for Snowflake configuration General engine configuration properties.
Credential stores Credential store properties that specify the credential stores, such as AWS Secrets Manager or Microsoft Azure Key Vault, that the engine retrieves secrets from.
For more information about credential stores, see the following engine documentation:
Log4j Log configuration properties for the engine.
Proxy Proxy properties that configure the engine to use a proxy server for outbound network requests.

Available for Data Collector or Transformer 5.0.0 and later. Available for all Transformer for Snowflake versions.

For more information about using a proxy server, see the following engine documentation:
Note: You cannot define proxy properties while the deployment is active. You must stop the deployment to change proxy properties.
Security policy Security policy properties for the engine.

For more information about the Java Security Manager, see the Data Collector documentation or the Transformer documentation.

Not applicable for Transformer for Snowflake.

Java configuration Java configuration options used by the engine, including Java heap size and any Java options supported by the JVM.
For more information about Java configuration options, see the following engine documentation: