Use the following tips for help with errors as you manage and preview pipelines and fragments.

Pipeline and Fragment Management

Use the following tips for help with managing pipelines and fragments:

I assigned my sample pipeline the templates label, but the pipeline is not listed as a user-defined sample
In addition to assigning the label templates to a pipeline, you must publish the pipeline and grant users permission to read the pipeline before they can use the pipeline as a sample pipeline.
For more information, see Creating User-Defined Sample Pipelines.
When selecting the authoring engine for my pipeline, the engine that I want to select is not listed.

The authoring engine selection window displays engines that you have read permission on. Contact your organization administrator to verify that you have read permission on all engines that you need to access.

For more information, see Permissions.

The authoring engine selected for my pipeline is not accessible.
Verify that the engine is running, that the engine can communicate with Control Hub, and that the web browser can reach the engine.
For more information, see Accessible Engines.
When I publish or export a pipeline, the action fails with a "Packet for query is too large" error.
If a pipeline preview contains a large amount of data and the preview record schema is saved in the pipeline configuration, then the pipeline configuration can reach an excessive size. This in turn can cause a publish or export of the pipeline to fail.
To resolve this issue, delete the saved schema from the pipeline. Open the pipeline in the canvas, select a stage, and then click the Schema tab in the pipeline properties panel. At the top of the pipeline properties panel, click Delete Schema.
Then publish or export the pipeline again.
For more information about pipeline preview, see Previewing Pipelines and Fragments.


Use the following tips for help with previewing pipelines and fragments:

Why isn't the Preview icon enabled?
You can preview data after you connect all stages in the canvas and configure required properties. You can use any valid value as a placeholder for required properties.
Why doesn't the pipeline preview show any data?
If a pipeline or fragment preview doesn't show any data, one of the following issues might have occurred:
  • The origin might not be configured correctly.

    In the preview panel, check the Configuration tab for the origin for related issues. For some Data Collector origins, you can use Raw Preview to see if the configuration information is correct.

  • The origin might not have any data at the moment.

    Some origins, such as the Data Collector Directory and File Tail origins, can display processed data for data preview. However, most origins require incoming data to enable data preview.

Why am I only getting 10 records to preview a Data Collector pipeline when I'm asking for more?
The Data Collector maximum preview batch size overrides the data preview batch size. The Data Collector default is 10 records.
When you modify a preview configuration, you can request up to the Data Collector preview batch size, or you can increase the preview.maxBatchSize property in the Data Collector configuration properties.
While previewing a Data Collector pipeline, I edited the stage configuration and clicked Run with Changes, but I don't see any change in the data.
This might happen if the configuration change is in the origin. Run with Changes uses the existing preview data. To see how changes to origin configuration affects preview data, use Refresh Preview.