Pipelines in StreamSets

You'll complete the following tasks to work with pipelines in the StreamSets platform:

Set up a deployment of StreamSets engines in your corporate network - either on-premises or on a protected cloud computing platform.

Use the engines to run pipelines.

Learn about setting up deployments.

Build a pipeline in Control Hub to define how data flows from origin to destination systems and how the data is processed along the way.

Start with an origin and go from there.

Learn about building pipelines.

Check in the finished pipeline and add it to a job. Start the job to run the pipeline on deployed engines.

Learn about running jobs.

Monitor the health and performance of the job as the pipeline runs. Handle errors as data moves through the pipeline.

Learn about monitoring jobs.

Invite others to join your organization. Manage organization details, create groups of users, and grant groups the appropriate roles and permissions.

Audit the actions that users perform.

Learn about managing your organization, users and groups, and audits.