Job Template Tags

A tag identifies similar job templates and job instances. Job instances created from a job template inherit all tags added to the template. You can add additional tags when you create the job instances.

Use tags to easily search and filter job templates in the Job Templates view or child job instances in the Job Instances view. For example, you might want to group job templates by the origin system or by the test or production environment. Job template tags are similar to pipeline labels which you use to easily search and filter pipelines and fragments when viewing them in the Pipelines or Fragments view.

You can use nested tags to create a hierarchy of job groupings. Enter nested tags using the following format:


For example, to group job templates in the test environment by the origin system, you might add the tags Test/ADLSGen2 and Test/Elasticsearch to the appropriate templates.

Note: Tags are different from the engine labels that you assign to job templates. Tags are optional and are used simply to identify similar job templates. Engine labels are required. They determine which engine runs each job.

You add tags to job templates when you create or edit job templates.

To filter job templates by tags in the Job Templates view, see Filtering Job Templates.