Expressions in Connection Properties

Some connection properties allow you to specify an expression using the StreamSets expression language.

For example, to configure the Password property in a JDBC connection, you might use the credential:get function to retrieve the database password from a credential store.

Use expression completion in a connection property to view a list of functions and other elements of the StreamSets expression language that are valid for use at that location. Expression completion in connection properties works the same as it does in pipeline properties.

To invoke expression completion, place the cursor where you want to create an expression and click Ctrl + Space Bar. To use an expression in a credential property, click Show Value before invoking expression completion.

When you configure connections, expression completion displays the list of valid functions for the selected authoring Data Collector. Most functions that are available in Data Collector are also available in Transformer. However, some functions, such as the list functions, are only available in Data Collector. When you use expressions in connection properties, be sure to use functions that are valid for the execution Data Collector or Transformer.

For more information about using the StreamSets expression language in connections, see Expression Language for Data Collector pipelines or Expression Language for Transformer pipelines.