You can configure a pipeline to send an email or webhook when the pipeline changes to specified states.

For example, you might send an email when someone manually stops the pipeline, causing it to transition to a Stopped state. Or you might send a Slack or text message when the pipeline changes to a Start_Error or Run_Error state.

You can send notifications when the pipeline converts to the following states:
  • Running
  • Start_Error
  • Run_Error
  • Running_Error
  • Stopped
  • Finished
  • Disconnected
  • Connecting
  • Stop_Error

You can specify multiple states to trigger notifications, but you cannot configure the pipeline to send different notifications based on different pipeline state changes at this time. For example, if you configure notifications for the Running and Finished states, the pipeline sends notifications when changing to both states.

However, when configuring a webhook, you can use webhook parameters in the payload to indicate the state change that triggered the notification. For more information about webhooks, see Webhooks.

For email notifications triggered by error states, you can configure the level of information contained in the email. The email can contain a notification of an error with all the error details, a notification of the error with only the error code, or only a notification of an error. Note that the error details can include sensitive information.

To send email notification, Data Collector must be configured to send email. To enable sending email, configure the email alert Data Collector properties. For more information, see Configuring Data Collector in the Data Collector documentation.

For more information about pipeline states, see Understanding Pipeline States.