Use the following tips for help with pipeline management:

I get the following error when I import a pipeline into Control Hub:
Selected pipeline file doesn't contain library definitions.
The pipeline was exported from Data Collector using the Export option instead of the Export for Control Hub option.
When you use the Export option, the generated JSON file does not include stage library definitions. Use the Export option to create backups or to use the pipelines with another Data Collector.
When you use the Export for Control Hub option, the generated JSON file includes the definition of each stage library used in the pipeline. Control Hub requires the stage library definitions in the file. Use the Export for Control Hub option to export pipelines that you can then import into Control Hub.
I assigned my sample pipeline the templates label, but the pipeline is not listed as a user-defined sample
In addition to assigning the label templates to a pipeline, you must publish the pipeline and grant users permission to read the pipeline before they can use the pipeline as a sample pipeline.
For more information, see Creating User-Defined Sample Pipelines.
When selecting the authoring engine for my pipeline, the engine that I want to select is not listed.

The authoring engine selection window displays engines that you have read permission on. Contact your organization administrator to verify that you have read permission on all engines that you need to access.

For more information, see Permissions.

When I publish or export a pipeline, the action fails with a "Packet for query is too large" error.
If a pipeline preview contains a large amount of data and the preview record schema is saved in the pipeline configuration, then the pipeline configuration can reach an excessive size. This in turn can cause a publish or export of the pipeline to fail.
To resolve this issue, delete the saved schema from the pipeline. Open the pipeline in the canvas, select a stage, and then click the Schema tab in the pipeline properties panel. At the top of the pipeline properties panel, click Delete Schema.
Then publish or export the pipeline again.