Available when using an authoring Data Collector version 3.22.0 or later.

To create a PostgreSQL connection, the JDBC stage library, streamsets-datacollector-jdbc-lib, must be installed on the selected authoring Data Collector.

For a description of the PostgreSQL connection properties, see PostgreSQL Connection Properties.

After you create a PostgreSQL connection, you can use the connection in the following stages:
Engine Stages
Data Collector 5.0.0 or later
  • Aurora PostgreSQL CDC Client origin

Data Collector 3.22.0 or later

  • PostgreSQL CDC Client origin
Transformer 4.0.0 or later
  • PostgreSQL JDBC Table origin

PostgreSQL Connection Properties

When creating a PostgreSQL connection, configure the following properties on the JDBC tab:
JDBC Property Description
JDBC Connection String

Connection string used to connect to the database.

Use the connection string format required by the database:
  • PostgreSQL - jdbc:postgresql://<host>:<port>/<dbname>

    For example: jdbc:postgresql://33333:2222/mydb

  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL - jdbc:postgresql:aws://<instance_name>.<cluster_id>.<aws_region><port>/

    For example: jdbc:postgresql:aws://

Note: If you include the JDBC credentials in the connection string, use a user account created for the origin. The user must have the required privileges for the database.
Use Credentials

Enables entering credentials. Use when you do not include credentials in the JDBC connection string.

When using credentials, configure the following properties on the Credentials tab:

Credentials Property Description
Username PostgreSQL username.
The specified user must have the required role for the database. For details about role requirements, see the documentation for the stage:
Password PostgreSQL password.
Tip: To secure sensitive information, you can use credential stores or runtime resources.