Available when using an authoring Data Collector version 5.4.0 or later.

Connecting to CONNX requires a Mainframe Collector license. The license allows reading mainframe data from CONNX and writing the data to cloud destinations. Contact your StreamSets account manager for more information.

To create a CONNX connection, the CONNX stage library, streamsets-datacollector-connx-lib, must be installed on the selected authoring Data Collector.

For a description of the CONNX connection properties, see CONNX Properties.

After you create a CONNX connection, you can use the connection in the following stages:
Engine Stages
Data Collector 5.4.0 or later
  • CONNX origin
  • CONNX CDC origin

CONNX Properties

When creating a CONNX connection, configure the following properties on the JDBC tab:
JDBC Property Description
Use Connection String Enables specifying a connection string instead of defining connection details.
CONNX JDBC Connection String JDBC connection string. Use the following format:


The CONNX JDBC driver uses port 7500 by default.

Gateway CONNX JDBC server gateway.
Port Port number to use.

Default is 7500.

Database Name Name of the database to read from.
Use SSL Uses SSL/TLS to connect to CONNX.

Be sure to perform the required tasks to enable SSL. For more information, see the Data Collector documentation.