Connecting to Data Collector


If no user credentials are passed to streamsets.sdk.DataCollector when it’s being instantiated, streamsets.sdk.sdc.DEFAULT_SDC_USERNAME and streamsets.sdk.sdc.DEFAULT_SDC_PASSWORD will be used for the username and password arguments, respectively:

sdc = DataCollector('http://localhost:18630', username='<username>', password='<password>')

If your Data Collector instance is registered with StreamSets Control Hub, your Control Hub credentials need to be used to instantiate an instance of streamsets.sdk.ControlHub before it’s passed as an argument to streamsets.sdk.DataCollector instead:

sdc = DataCollector('http://localhost:18630', control_hub=sch)

Connecting to Data Collector using a signed certificate

To connect to an HTTPS-enabled Data Collector using a certificate, utilize the attribute streamsets.sdk.DataCollector.VERIFY_SSL_CERTIFICATES:

from streamsets.sdk import DataCollector
DataCollector.VERIFY_SSL_CERTIFICATES = '/path/to/certfile'
sdc = DataCollector('https://localhost:18630')

To skip verifying SSL certificate:

from streamsets.sdk import DataCollector
sdc = DataCollector('https://localhost:18630')

Getting the ID

You can get the ID for the StreamSets Data Collector instance and verify the correct instance has been connected to: