Installation Overview

Most organizations use a Transformer for Snowflake engine hosted by StreamSets to avoid installing and maintaining Transformer for Snowflake engines.

You can deploy Transformer for Snowflake engines based on the account agreement for your organization. When this is the case, use this chapter to help install, configure, and maintain deployed engines.

Important: If your organization uses the hosted Transformer for Snowflake engine, the information in this chapter is not relevant to you. You can simply create pipelines and run jobs using the hosted engine.

To install Transformer for Snowflake engines in your corporate network, you create environments and deployments in Control Hub.

When using self-managed environments and deployments, you take full control of procuring the resources needed to run the engine. Set up the host machines to meet the installation requirements.

When using one of the cloud service provider integrations that StreamSets provides, Control Hub automatically provisions the resources needed to run the engine in your cloud service provider account. Control Hub then deploys engine instances to those resources.

Before running production pipelines, review our security best practices to secure your data.