Control Hub Configuration File

You can customize how a registered Transformer works with Control Hub by editing the Control Hub configuration file, $TRANSFORMER_CONF/, located in the Transformer installation.

Use a text editor to edit the configuration file. To enable the changes, restart Transformer.

The Control Hub configuration file includes the following general properties:

General Property Description
dpm.enabled Specifies whether the Transformer is enabled to work with Control Hub.

Default is false.

dpm.base.url URL to access Control Hub:
  • For Control Hub cloud, set to
  • For Control Hub on-premises, set to the Control Hub URL provided by your system administrator. For example, https://<hostname>:18631.
dpm.registration.retry.attempts Maximum number of times that Transformer attempts to register with before failing the registration.

Default is 5. Frequency in seconds that Transformer validates authentication and user tokens with Control Hub.

Default is 60.

dpm.appAuthToken File located within $TRANSFORMER_CONF, the Transformer configuration directory, that includes the authentication token for this Transformer instance.

Generally, you should not need to change this value.

dpm.remote.control.job.labels Labels to assign to this Transformer. Use labels to group Transformers registered with Control Hub. To assign multiple labels, enter a comma-separated list of labels. Frequency in milliseconds that Transformer notifies Control Hub that it is running.

Default is 5,000. Name of the internal Control Hub application to which Transformer sends pipeline status updates.

Do not change this value. Names of the internal Control Hub applications to which Transformer sends performance updates - including CPU load and memory usage.

Do not change this value. Frequency in milliseconds that Transformer informs Control Hub of the following information:
  • Status of all local and published pipelines that are running on this Transformer.
  • Performance information for this Transformer - including CPU load and memory usage.

Default is 60,000. Not used at this time. Enables the redirect of Transformer user logins to Control Hub using the HTML meta refresh method. Set to true only if the registered Transformer is installed as on application on Microsoft Azure HDInsight.

Default is false, which means that Transformer uses HTTP redirect headers to redirect logins. Use the default for all other Transformer installation types. Enables using an abbreviated Control Hub user ID when Hadoop impersonation mode or shell impersonation mode are used.
By default, when using Hadoop impersonation mode or shell impersonation mode, a Transformer registered with Control Hub uses the full Control Hub user ID as the user name, as follows:
<ID>@<organization ID>

Enable this property to use only the ID, ignoring "@<organization ID>". For example, using myname instead of myname@org as the user name.

To use a partial Control Hub user ID, uncomment the property and set it to true.

dpm.componentType Type of component used for Transformer within Control Hub.

Do not change this value.