Topology History

When you first create a topology, the topology is in a draft state so that you can map jobs and connecting systems in the topology. When you finish mapping dataflows, you publish the topology to indicate that the topology is final and is available for measuring dataflow performance.

You can publish multiple versions of a topology. When you publish a topology, Control Hub maintains the version history.

The topology version number indicates whether each topology is a draft or published version:

Draft topology

Draft topologies are versioned as <version>-DRAFT, for example, v1-DRAFT or v2-DRAFT. You can edit draft topologies to add and remove jobs and systems.

The following image displays a draft topology in the canvas. Note that the Add Job and Add System icons are enabled:

When you finish editing a draft topology, click the Publish Topology icon: .

Published topology
Published topologies are versioned by number, for example, v1 or v2. You cannot edit published topologies. However, you can manage jobs included in published topologies and can measure the performance of published topologies.
The following image displays a published topology in the canvas. Note that you cannot add jobs or systems to a published topology:

To edit a published topology, click the Create Draft icon: .

You can view any topology version. If you discover that you must roll back to a previous topology version, you can create a draft of a previously published version to create a new draft version. To view a previous version, click the version number at the top of the topology canvas and then select any of the versions, as follows:

If you edit and then publish a previous version, Control Hub updates the minor version number rather than the major version number. For example, you have a topology with three versions. You view version 2 of the topology, create a draft of the topology, and then publish the topology again. Control Hub versions the current topology as 2.1. So you now have four versions of the topology, with version 2.1 of the topology marked as the current version:
  • v2.1
  • v3
  • v2
  • v1