If a subscription doesn't complete the expected action, your organization administrator can view the subscription audit entries to help troubleshoot the issue.

View the Control Hub subscription audit entries by clicking Administration > Subscription Audit in the Navigation panel. The audit lists all triggered subscriptions.

The subscription audit entries can help you resolve the following issues:

Subscription is not listed in the audit entries even though the events that it is subscribed to are occurring.
Verify the following:
  • Your organization administrator has enabled events for the organization.
  • The subscription is enabled, as indicated by the enabled icon in the Subscriptions view.
  • The owner of the subscription has at least read permission on the objects encountering the events.

    For example, a subscription created for a changed job status is triggered each time a job that the subscription owner has permission on changes status. The subscription is not triggered for jobs that the subscription owner does not have access to.

Subscription is listed in the audit entries but is not performing the configured action in the receiving system.
Verify the following:
  • Webhook usage is enabled in the receiving system.
  • The webhook action in the subscription is configured as expected by the receiving system.
  • If the subscription performs a webhook action and the receiving system resides behind a firewall, all Control Hub IP addresses are added to the allow list for the firewall.
  • View the receiving system logs for messages about webhooks that could not be received.