Assigning Labels to a Deployment

You can assign labels to an inactive deployment using the Control Hub UI.

When Data Collector containers are provisioned from the deployment, the deployment labels are added to the dpm.remote.control.job.labels property in the Control Hub configuration file $SDC_CONF/ for each Data Collector container.

When you view automatically provisioned Data Collectors in the Data Collectors view, you can view these labels assigned through the deployment. However, since the deployment labels are defined in the Control Hub configuration file, you cannot delete the deployment labels from the provisioned Data Collector.
Important: Labels are case sensitive.

You can also assign additional labels to provisioned Data Collectors, as described in Assigning Labels to a Data Collector or Transformer.

  1. In the Navigation panel, click Execute > Deployments.
  2. Hover over the inactive deployment and then click the Edit icon: .
  3. Click under Data Collector Labels, type the case-sensitive label, and then hit Enter.
    The new label displays.
    You can remove the label by clicking the X next to the label name.
  4. Click Save.