InfluxDB 2.x

Available when using an authoring Data Collector version 4.4.0 or later.

To create an InfluxDB 2.x connection, the InfluxDB 2.x stage library, streamsets-datacollector-influxdb_2_0-lib, must be installed on the selected authoring Data Collector.

For a description of the InfluxDB 2.x connection properties, see InfluxDB 2.x Connection Properties.

After you create an InfluxDB 2.x connection, you can use the connection in the following stage:
Engine Stage
Data Collector 4.4.0 or later InfluxDB 2.x destination

InfluxDB 2.x Connection Properties

When creating an InfluxDB 2.x connection, configure the following properties on the InfluxDB tab:

InfluxDB Property Description
URL URL to the InfluxDB 2.x HTTP API.
Token API token to use. The API token must provide write access to the specified bucket.

For information about creating an API token, see the InfluxDB documentation.