Fragment Types and Default Pipeline Labels

Pipeline labels are used to easily filter and sort fragments on the Pipeline Fragments view. When you publish a fragment, Control Hub automatically generates a pipeline label for the fragment. This default label represents how the fragment is meant to be used within a pipeline. You can specify additional labels as needed.

Control Hub assigns the following labels to fragments automatically:
  • Origins - Assigned to any fragment that includes an origin stage.
  • Processors - Assigned to any fragment that has one or more input streams and one or more output streams.
  • Destinations - Assigned to any fragment that has one or more input streams and no output streams.

Note that an origins label means that the fragment includes an origin, but it can also include any number of additional stages and stage types. Similarly, a fragment with a processors label can include destination and executor stages as long as the fragment includes at least one open input stream, and one open output stream. And a fragment with a destinations label can include processors, destinations, and executors, but no open output streams.

You cannot remove the default pipeline label from a fragment.

To display labels on the Pipeline Fragment view, click the More icon and select Show Labels. For more information about pipeline labels, see Pipeline Labels.