Use the following tip for help with origin errors:
A pipeline generates a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException error, such as:
java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException: This operation is not supported.
This can occur when you run a pipeline on a Hadoop YARN cluster that has an older version of a PostgreSQL or SQL Server JDBC driver on the classpath. As a result, the cluster uses the driver on the classpath instead of the driver provided by Transformer.
This can occur with older distributions of Hadoop.
There are two possible solutions:
  • Remove the older version of the JDBC driver from the classpath.

    This allows the cluster to use the driver that Transformer includes in the Spark application.

  • Update the JDBC driver on the classpath to the version included with Transformer, or later.
    Transformer includes the following driver versions:
    • PostgreSQL 42.2.5
    • SQL Server JDBC 8.4.0 JRE8