Cluster Callback URL

Configure a cluster callback URL for a pipeline when you want Spark to communicate with Transformer using a different URL from the cluster callback URL defined in Transformer properties.

In most cases, Spark should successfully communicate with Transformer using the cluster callback URL configured for the Transformer driver callback URL property, transformer.driver.callback.url. If a pipeline should not use that URL, you can specify a different cluster callback URL for the pipeline in the pipeline properties.

To define a cluster callback URL, in the pipeline properties panel, click the Advanced tab and configure the Cluster Callback URL property.
Important: Do not configure the Cluster Callback URL property when you plan to enable pipeline failover for the job that includes this pipeline. To support failover, the pipeline must use a cluster callback URL defined in the Transformer configuration properties.

For more information about the Spark cluster callback URL, see Understanding the Spark Cluster Callback URL.