External Libraries

You can install a driver or other library as an external library to make it available to a Transformer stage.

Transformer includes the libraries needed to use most Transformer stages out of the box. However, you might install an external library in the following cases:
  • Some stages, such as the Oracle JDBC Table origin and the MySQL JDBC Table origins, require installing a driver as an external library.
  • Some stages, such as the JDBC origins, lookup, and destination, include several drivers, but require installing a driver to access certain databases.
  • Some stages provide the required libraries, but you can install custom libraries to access custom functionality. For example, you might install a custom Java or Scala library for the Scala processor.

When installing an external library, you install it into the stage library that includes the stage. For example, to use a custom Scala library with Scala processors, you install the Scala library as an external library for the Basic stage library.

To use an external library with multiple stage libraries, install the external library into each stage library associated with the stages. For example, if you want to use an Oracle JDBC driver with the Scala processor and the Oracle JDBC Table origin, you install the driver as an external library for the Basic stage library and for the JDBC stage library.

To install an external library, upload the external library as an external resource for the engine.