Installing for Tarball Using the Stage Library Panel

You can use the stage library panel in the pipeline canvas to install additional stage libraries for a core or common tarball installation.

By default, the stage library panel in the pipeline canvas displays all Data Collector stages, instead of only the installed stages. Stages that are not installed appear disabled, or greyed out. For example, the stage library panel shown below indicates that the Azure origins are not installed:

To install an additional stage library, click on a disabled stage. Confirm that you want to install the library, and then restart Data Collector for the changes to take effect.

Note: If Data Collector does not have internet connectivity, you cannot view all stage libraries or install an additional stage library from the stage library panel.

When needed, you can configure Data Collector to hide the stages that are not installed in the stage library panel, as described in Configuring the Display.

For information about the stages installed with each stage library, see Available Stage Libraries.