Configuring the Display

You can configure how information in the Data Collector UI displays, such as the online help version, information density in the panel, and the pipeline creation help bar.

  1. In the top right corner of the Data Collector UI, click Help > Settings.
  2. In the Settings dialog box, you can configure the following options:
    Display Setting Description
    Timezone Display time zone. Used to display dates and times in the Data Collector UI, such as datetime data in data preview or snapshot data.
    You can choose between the following options:
    • UTC
    • The browser time zone, which usually uses the operating system time zone.
    • When the Data Collector runs on a different machine, the operating system time zone of the Data Collector machine.
    Display Density Defines the density of the information that displays in the panel.
    Help Defines the help project that Data Collector uses. Data Collector provides hosted help.

    Hosted help is the latest available documentation hosted on the StreamSets website. Requires an internet connection.

    Hide Missing Stage Libraries in Stage Library Panel Hides Data Collector stages that are not installed in the stage library panel.

    When cleared, the stage library panel displays all Data Collector stages, instead of only the installed stages. Stages that are not installed appear disabled, or greyed out.

    Hide Pipeline Creation Help Bar Hides the pipeline configuration help bar that displays by default when a pipeline is incomplete.
    Hide REST Response Menu Hides the REST Response menu so you cannot request REST API response information.
    Run preview in background to display available fields Runs preview in the background to display lists of available fields and the Select Fields with Preview Data option as you configure pipeline and stage properties.

    Running preview in the background can freeze the browser if the preview results in a large record. To resolve this issue, clear the property.

    Wrap long lines in properties Wraps long lines of text that you enter in properties. For example, you might enter a long line of text when you configure the preconditions for a stage.

    When cleared, displays long lines of text with a scroll bar.