StreamSets Test Framework

The StreamSets Test Framework (STF) is a set of Python tools and libraries that enable developers to write integration tests for StreamSets Data Collector (SDC), StreamSets Control Hub (SCH), and StreamSets Data Protector (SDP). Built on top of the StreamSets SDK for Python, STF uses pytest as its underlying test executor and includes a collection of client-facing APIs to facilitate interaction with external environments. STF also leverages Docker to enable orchestration of pre-configured SDC instances for testing purposes.

To run all STF tests within a directory, cd into it and then execute the stf test command:

$ pwd
$ stf test
2018-09-08 03:40:09 PM streamsets.testframework.cli INFO     Pulling Docker image streamsets/testframework-4.x:latest ...
2018-09-08 03:40:11 PM streamsets.testframework.cli INFO     Running STF tests ...
============================= test session starts ==============================