Configuring Directories (Tarball Installation)

As a best practice, after installing Transformer from a tarball, configure Transformer to use directories outside of the runtime directory after installation. This enables the use of the directories after Transformer upgrades.

Configure the directories that store files used by Transformer so they are outside of the $TRANSFORMER_DIST directory, the base Transformer runtime directory.

You can use the default locations within the $TRANSFORMER_DIST runtime directory. However, if you use the default values, make sure the user who starts Transformer has write permission on the base Transformer runtime directory.

Note: StreamSets does not recommend using NFS or NAS to store Transformer files.
  1. Create directories outside of the $TRANSFORMER_DIST runtime directory for files used by Transformer, such as configuration files, log files, and runtime resources..
  2. In the $TRANSFORMER_DIST/libexec/ file, set the following environment variables to the newly created directories:
    • TRANSFORMER_CONF - The Transformer configuration directory.
    • TRANSFORMER_DATA - The Transformer directory for pipeline state and configuration information.
    • TRANSFORMER_LOG - The Transformer directory for logs.
    • TRANSFORMER_RESOURCES - The Transformer directory for runtime resource files.
    • STREAMSETS_LIBRARIES_EXTRA_DIR - The Transformer directory for external files.
  3. Copy all files from $TRANSFORMER_DIST/etc to the newly created $TRANSFORMER_CONF directory.