REST Response

You can view REST response JSON data for different aspects of the Data Collector, such as pipeline configuration information or monitoring details.

You can use the REST response information to provide Data Collector details to a REST-based monitoring system. Or you might use the information in conjunction with the Data Collector REST API.

You can access the following REST response data:
  • Pipeline Configuration - Provides information about the pipeline and each stage in the pipeline.
  • Pipeline Rules - Provides information about metric and data rules and alerts.
  • Definitions - Provides information about all available Data Collector stages.
  • Preview Data- Provides information about the preview data moving through the pipeline. Also includes monitoring information that is not used in preview.
  • Pipeline Monitoring - Provides monitoring information for the pipeline.
  • Pipeline Status - Provides the current status of the pipeline.
  • Data Collector Metrics - Provides metrics about Data Collector.
  • Thread Dump - Lists all active Java threads used by Data Collector.