Pipeline Types and Icons in Documentation

In Data Collector, you can configure pipelines that are run by Data Collector and pipelines that are run by Data Collector Edge.

In the documentation for each stage, the overview lists the types of pipelines where you can use the stage: Data Collector, Data Collector Edge, or both. For example, the overview for the Directory origin lists Data Collector and Data Collector Edge, but the overview for the Amazon S3 origin lists only Data Collector.

Within a stage, some features or properties may be limited to particular pipeline types. For example, the Multithreaded Processing documentation for the Directory origin indicates that multithreaded processing is not valid for use in Data Collector Edge pipelines.

When there are limitations within a feature, the limitations are stated in the feature documentation. For example, with the HTTP Client origin, batch processing mode is not valid in Data Collector Edge pipelines.

Similarly, when a property is not valid for a pipeline type, this limitation is noted in the property description.

When no limitations are mentioned, the documentation for the stage, feature, or property is valid for all pipeline types associated with the parent stage or feature. For example, the First File for Processing documentation for the File Tail origin has no stated limitations because the information is valid for every pipeline type supported by the origin.

The documentation uses the following icons to highlight information specific to a particular pipeline type:
Pipeline Type Icon Description
Information related to Data Collector pipelines.
Information related to Data Collector Edge pipelines.