Upgrade Impact

Transformer log configuration
With this release, Transformer uses the Apache Log4j 2.17.2 library to write log data. Transformer includes the following log configuration files:
  • transformer-log4j2.properties
  • log4j2.component.properties
You can customize the log format by modifying the transformer-log4j2.properties file using the Log4j 2.x syntax. Do not modify the log4j2.component.properties file.
In previous releases, Transformer used the Apache Log4j 1.x library which is now end-of-life. Transformer included a single log configuration file, transformer-log4j.properties. You customized the log format by modifying the tranformer-log4j.properties file using the Log4j 1.x syntax.
If you modified the log configuration file in a previous Transformer version, you must compare the previous transformer-log4j.properties file with the new transformer-log4j2.properties file. Update the new file as needed with the same customized property values using the Log4j 2.x syntax. For details about the syntax, see the Log4j documentation.