Sharing a Pipeline

Share a pipeline to allow users to perform pipeline-related tasks. You can share a pipeline with individual users or with groups.

You can share a pipeline if you are the owner of the pipeline or a user with the Admin role.

You can configure pipeline sharing at any time, but pipeline permissions are only enforced when Data Collector is enabled to use pipeline access controls. The sharing configuration goes into effect when sharing is enabled.

  1. You can share a pipeline from either of the following locations:
    • From the Home page, select the pipeline, click the More icon, and click Share.
    • From the pipeline canvas, click the Share icon: .
  2. In the Sharing Settings dialog box, click in the Select Users and Groups window, select the users and groups that you want to share with, and click Add.
  3. Configure the permissions that you want each user and group to have and click Save.