Enabling HTTPS

To secure communication within Data Collector, enable HTTPS for the following components:
Data Collector
Enable HTTPS for Data Collector to secure the communication to the Data Collector UI and REST API and to use the Data Collector as an authoring Data Collector in Control Hub.
For Control Hub cloud, an authoring Data Collector must use the HTTPS protocol because Control Hub cloud also uses the HTTPS protocol. For Control Hub on-premises, an authoring Data Collector must use the same protocol as the Control Hub on-premises installation.
Cluster pipelines
If you run cluster pipelines, enable HTTPS for cluster pipelines to secure the communication between the gateway and worker nodes in the cluster.
Pipeline stages that connect to external systems
During pipeline development, developers can enable specific stages to use SSL/TLS to secure the communication with an external system. For example, if designing a pipeline that writes to a Cassandra cluster enabled for HTTPS, the developer must configure the Cassandra destination to use SSL/TLS to connect to Cassandra.
For information about enabling HTTPS for pipeline stages, see SSL/TLS Encryption.

By default, Data Collector and cluster pipelines use the HTTP protocol. StreamSets recommends using HTTPS in a production environment. HTTPS requires SSL/TLS certificates.